“Shipping beats perfection”

I’ve decided to start writing again. It may not be perfect but I think the habit of penning down, distilling, and sharing thoughts is a valuable exercise.

One big influence is the book How to Take Smart Notes by Sonke Ahrens. As the book suggests, writing is thinking. I’d been taking and sharing notes regularly on the content I consume. Compiling and publishing these notes as articles is the next step.

These notes should allow me to keep a list of ideas handy. My current strategy is to pick topics from these notes that excite me the most. I hope that excitement as guiding light will motivate me to continue writing, keep my articles interesting, and act as a tie breaker when choosing what to write about.

I’ll probably start with book reviews, publishing them here and on my goodreads page. I’ve built a backlog of books I haven’t updated yet. This should be a convenient starting point.

As always, time will tell and reality will be the judge.